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The Budapest Festival Orchestra has been recognized worldwide as one of the most outstanding representatives of Hungarian classical music for decades. To help the orchestra playing on the highest quality instruments and to further enhance their sound, Concorde, together with an insurance company, bought three Greiner violins for the Budapest Festival Orchestra in 2007. On 17 September 2007, Peter Greiner – currently considered to be the best string instrument maker in the world – presented the Orchestra with the three instruments specially manufactured by him. All this was made possible as part of a unique initiative in Hungary aimed at preserving the heritage of the country’s classical music culture. Thanks to the cooperation of the two companies, the Festival Orchestra can now play on master violins which represent the highest quality and which are used by the world’s greatest violinists.

We have also built a partnership with the Friends of the Liszt Academy of Music (Zeneakadémia Baráti Köre) in recent years, and created together a scholarship for the most talented students.

Concorde Fund Manager Ltd. has supported Falk Art Forum from the very beginning. Concorde Securities Ltd. has also assisted in the organisation of this unique Hungarian event since 2010. For an entire day, Falk Miksa Street is turned into a pedestrian zone so that the galleries, auction houses and antique shops located there and in the neighbourhood can show a dozen of fascinating exhibitions and present their programs to several thousand visitors.

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