Welfare and social causes pillar

Concorde devotes particular attention to the Autistic Art Foundation established in 2006, whose principal activity is to assist the development and social integration of young people living with mental disabilities or behavioural, adaptation or communication disorders by establishing residential and day-care homes and developing existing institutions further. It also aims to increase social acceptance of people with special needs by organising special programs, cultural events, events with the participation of people living with autism or disabilities, supporting musical and artistic groups, and protecting their interests in cooperation with the civil organisations working in the given field. In 2008 the foundation launched a fine arts programme with the artistic direction of Hajnalka Tarr. Based on the success of the ‘Accept me!’ (‘Fogadj be!’) initiative, the charity auction under the same name was held for already the third time in 2011 offering works of artists living with autism for sale. As a testimony to the success of the programme, the Hungarian National Gallery’s ‘Private Labyrinths’ exhibition presented the works of the most talented autistic artists in the summer of 2011.

The Mosoly Foundation (Mosoly Alapítvány) was established in 1996 – György Jaksity, chairman of Concorde Securities Ltd. is one of its founders. The Mosoly Foundation primarily helps chronically ill children who need assistance in their daily life, and children living with inadequate social, health or educational conditions. It principally focuses on organising and financing experience-based programs either alone or with the help of supporting partners. The foundation has launched several programs over the past years, e.g. the photography school, the Girls’ Club, various therapeutic programs with storytelling, horse-riding and fine arts themes and other special activities for the participants’ development.

Started in 2001, the Camp of Courage (Bátor Tábor) grew out of the Mosoly foundation. Its aim is to provide complex recreational programmes for children living with cancer or other chronic diseases, as well as for their families. The foundation’s campsite is located in Hatvan, and its new buildings were opened on 9 June 2007. Thanks to the new facilities, which were the result of a HUF 500 million investment, the camp has an expanded capacity now, and in the summer and winter of 2007 the foundation already catered for 300 and 200 children, respectively. Concorde helped enhancing the campsite by constructing a building named Concorde Adventure Castle (‘Concorde Élmény Vár’), and also organised programmes for the summer camp season.

The International Children’s Safety Service (Nemzetközi Gyermekmentő Szolgálat) was founded in May 1990. Its goal is to help physically or mentally disabled, orphaned or otherwise disadvantaged children, to improve their living conditions and to lay a strong foundation for their future. The Service operates as a public benefit organisation registered under no. 2369, on a voluntary basis and without any discrimination on grounds of religion, political views or nationality. Gábor Borda, one of the founders and Board of Director members of Concorde takes an active part in the work of the International Children’s Safety Service, and is a member of its Supervisory Board.

Since 2014, we have supported the Heroes’ Square (Hősök Tere) initiative, which encourages people to get involved and take action to help others in their daily life – a project based on a concept by world-renowned social psychologist Philip Zimbardo.

We also support initiatives and social cooperation which strive to achieve a purpose for the common good by relying on the strength of the community. These initiatives include, e.g. Segítsüti, a charity which supports other NGOs, and Járókelő, a group that helps citizens resolve public infrastructure issues.

Apart from the above organisations, Concorde has also supported the following foundations in recent years:

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