Concorde’s history

Concorde Securities Ltd. was founded by Gábor Borda, György Jaksity, Norbert Streitmann and other Hungarian financial investors in 1993. Since then, Concorde has grown to become one of Hungary’s leading financial and capital market companies, adding a number of specialist subsidiaries over the years while consistently providing its clients with services of the highest calibre.

The equity of Concorde Securities Ltd. passed the HUF one billion mark in 1997. Concorde Alapkezelő Zrt. (Concorde Fund Manager Ltd.), which was the first investment fund manager in Hungary, was founded in 1994, and it was followed by Concorde Vállalati Pénzügyek Kft. in 2000 (Concorde Corporate Finance Ltd.), a company dealing with transaction activities (M&A) and corporate financing advisory.

The number of our employees exceeded 100 in 2001, which was the same year when we started to trade in foreign securities. In 2004, the securities trading volume managed by Concorde surpassed HUF 1,000 billion. In 2006, the consolidated equity of the company exceeded HUF 5 billion, which, beyond doubt, made us the largest independent investment service provider in Hungary.

Our colleagues and the company itself have received more than 50 professional awards since the foundation. György Jaksity won the Ernst&Young ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award in 2007. Since September 2009 the founding owners have dedicated most of their time to strategic governance as members of the Board of Directors. CEO Károly Régely is responsible for the operational management of the company.

For several years now, Concorde has been among the leading companies on the Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE) in terms of trading volume transacted. Concorde achieved the highest trading volume on the BSE prompt market every year since 2013, and had a 24 percent market share last year. In addition, through its membership of the Deutsche Börse, the Warsaw Stock Exchange and the Bucharest Stock Exchange, Concorde provides its clients with access to almost all financial and capital markets in the world.


Other members of Concorde Group

Since Concorde is an integrated investment service provider, its strategy is determined by the growth and development of the financial services market and by the changing needs of its clients. These needs led to the launch of Accorde Befektetési Alapkezelő (Accorde Investment Fund Manager), which – as a member of the Concorde Group – relies heavily on Concorde’s over 20 years’ experience in research and capital markets.

Concorde Corporate Finance, which offered specific corporate finance services of Concorde, merged with the MB Partners team in 2015, creating thereby the largest independent transaction team in Hungary, which is the leading domestic operator in the areas of sales, acquisitions and corporate financing advisory.

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