Private banking advisory

Our private banking advisory service is offered to clients who wish to participate in the investment decision-making process and who are familiar with capital market investments.

Unique, personalized service

This service is available to clients whose investment portfolio exceeds HUF 75 million (250000 EUR or 275000 USD). This is the investment amount that we consider to be suitable to set up a properly diversified portfolio which fulfils our client’s individual needs best, while also being able to handle risks and to keep costs under control.

Long-term relationship of trust

Private banking advisory is a personal, trust-based relationship between clients and their private bankers for the provision of comprehensive, long-term and highly professional financial services. Our private bankers are always at our clients’ service. Besides answering any investment-related questions, they are also glad to help them find a tax or legal advisor partner to assist their financial investments as well.

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