Investment advisory

Among Concorde’s services offered for private investors this is the one with the longest history. Although it has been continuously developing over time to meet changing needs, we are also well aware of the merits of continuity. The stability of the composition of our investment advisory team is unmatched on the market. Our colleagues have helped our clients – whom we deliberately do not classify into categories – overcome a number of international financial crises.

Individual strategies

Decades of experience have taught us that no clients are the same, nor are there two investor profiles that are exactly alike in every way. Accordingly, we always invest a lot of effort into building a personal, trust-based relationship with our clients.

Whether you choose the most conservative portfolio consisting of government securities only, or active trading from the other end of the spectrum, our colleagues will support you in making your decisions not only with their professional performance but also with their up-to-date information and first-hand knowledge of the markets.

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