Corporate Social Responsibility
(CSR) activities

As a company with responsibility towards its environment and society, Concorde is committed to actively support initiatives that promote the development of an integrated social approach. Our goal is to make the population of Hungary increasingly open, to accept those living with assistance, to support those in need and for society to establish the conditions that enable all of its members to enjoy a full quality of life.

The projects supported and embraced by Concorde focus on three main areas:

  • welfare and social causes
  • cultural initiatives
  • economic and financial education

We primarily seek to assist those foundations, organizations, artists, educational institutions and their students in their activities that have already proven their viability using their own resources and have made the most out of the opportunities available to them, but which are not able to move forward, develop and grow further without external assistance.

Besides financing various individual projects, we have also actively helped in managing the operations and supporting the work of foundations for over 15 years now.

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