Concorde Securities Ltd. offers its domestic and foreign institutional and corporate clients the widest possible range of investment products.

As a member of the Budapest Stock Exchange, it has been a prominent market player performing equity transactions for domestic and foreign institutional investors for years. Concorde achieved the highest trading volume on the BSE prompt market every year since 2013, and had a 24 percent market share last year.

Presence on important stock exchanges

In compliance with our clients’ needs, Concorde has been a full member of the Budapest Stock Exchange and the Bucharest Stock Exchange for years, which memberships allow us to provide our clients with the highest quality of trading services at favourable commission rates.

In addition, we also have partners who can perform our clients’ orders on practically every stock exchange in the world, thus making thousands of investment products traded on 28 markets available to our clients.

We are connected to the world’s leading securities markets via specialised service providers which provide their services only to foreign investment service providers similar to Concorde through their electronic trading interfaces. Through our stock exchange membership, we also provide DMA access to other markets in the region: the Hungarian, Romanian, Czech and Polish markets can be accessed at competitive prices via a single channel using Concorde’s FIX servers.

Round-the–clock trading

The availability of our trading services is adjusted to the business hours of the largest international securities markets. Therefore, our traders can serve our clients between the opening time of European stock exchanges and the closing time of US markets.

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