Online trading

Instruments and markets

Our range of instruments includes all the widely traded capital market instruments available today with a large number of important stock market indices, several currency pairs, numerous commodities and, obviously, the most important individual shares among them.

Trading is CFD-based, which is a bilateral contract between the client and the online trader and stands for a leveraged transaction where the investor makes a bet on the price difference resulting from the changes in the price of a product. Thus, buying shares through of a CFD will not make you an owner of the given company, but you will benefit from the results of a price increase or decrease, while any due dividend will also be paid.

Trading with favourable terms

Due to the inherent nature of leveraged trading, opening a position requires only a fraction of the necessary buy or sale amount to be deposited, and financing is provided at favourable interest rates.

Leveraged trading is associated with high risks. One may incur large losses in a short period of time even under normal market conditions, therefore, it is recommended only to those clients who have sufficient knowledge in the field of defending positions and risk management techniques.

The Concorde Trader trading platform can be accessed via Windows desktop, web and mobile webApp (Android and iOS) applications.

Application demo

By clicking on the link below, you can try out the functions of Concorde Trader without taking any risks. After filling in a short data sheet, within a couple of minutes, you can open your first position.

Concorde Trader Demo

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