Fee structure

Private banking advisory

Our private banking advisory services are offered for an account fee expressed as a percentage of the portfolio value – regardless of the return realised on the portfolio. Our account fee includes all fees connected to securities account management, concluding the long-term investment contract and managing the long-term investment account, the custody of securities and the purchase and redemption of investment fund units, and it also allows the client to make free transfers and cash withdrawals.

Because we care about our clients’ long-term satisfaction, it is natural that we should agree on or negotiate our fees as equal partners in order to achieve a mutually profitable and lasting cooperation.

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Wealth management

’Success fee only’ structure (no fixed costs): the service provider’s fee is 20% of the portfolio’s return above the benchmark rate. Application of high watermark: we automatically calculate a hypothetically increasing curve of the portfolio’s value, based on the benchmark yield. Success fee will be charged only when the portfolio’s value is above this calculated curve – regardless of the actual year’s performance.

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